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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our program and how online surveys work.

Yes! We'll never charge you anything or ask you for money to be a member of our program. Additionally, the companies we promote are 100% FREE as well.
Companies are always looking to increase sales and customer satisfaction. The best way for them to do that is to get input from real consumers, just like you. They'll ask questions about a new product they're launching, for feedback about a new commercial they're testing, or even just ask questions about your awareness and opinion of their brand. They know that people aren't going to work for free, so they provide incentives (usually in the form of cash) to users to answer survey questions.
Anyone who is a resident of the United States and 13 or older is eligible! Certain market research panels may have more specific requirements, so that is why we ask for a bit of demographic information. We use this information to make sure the panels that we show to you are ones you already qualify for!
The great thing about online survey taking is that how much you earn is up to you! You control your earnings by deciding which surveys you take and how many you take per day. The best way to ensure you earn as much as possible is to sign up for as many survey panels as you can; that way you'll receive more survey invitations and can pick the highest paying ones.
Each panel offers their rewards in a unique way, but the vast majority of them offer some form of cash (checks, PayPal, etc.). The rest offer other rewards such as gift cards, merchandise, and even vacations! Once you've completed a paid survey, the panel will credit your account with the reward for that survey.
The best way to determine if a paid survey is legitimate or not is to see if it is asking you for any financial information or payment. The legitimate market research companies and survey directories will never ask you to pay a single dime to become a member.
Absolutely. We only promote vetted, established companies with a good reputation. They use industry-standard practices to safeguard the data you provide when completing surveys. Additionally, many surveys are actually anonymous and the responses you give can't be tied back to you. The information you provide to us is only used to match you with market research companies that you qualify for. We don't sell your data to any third-parties.
Feel free to contact us at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
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